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Elizabeth Waterhouse is an artist expanding the field of contemporary dance, based in Bern/Dresden. 


Current Projects:

PhD/Graduate School of the Arts in Bern -link

Teaching: Dance at the Interface of Design - more 

Albert Einstein Handwriting Font -link 

Störung/הפרעה - link


Choreography/Choreographic Assistance:

In Act & Thought (2015) - video

Ingeborg Ruvina Project (2014) - link pic

Don't Play! Eine Dokumentarische Spectralgymnastik (2013)- link text

Josefine (2012) - link video 
Sider (2010) - video


Outside Eye:

Emma Murray - The Way You Looked Tonight (2015) - trailer

MaMaZa - Eifo Efi (2013) - link video



Saskia Bladt - Daphne (2015) -link

Collective Ludwig - Aporia (2014) -link



Dance|SPEAK to Me! - video link


Library of Publications: 

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Last Updated: 11/2015