Elizabeth Waterhouse


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Artistic Work







2022 - Teaching. Photo by Jörg von Dohms

2016 - Workshop, FU Berlin. Photo by Julia Zimmerman


2016 - Photo by Julia Zimmerman


2019 - Rehearsal. "Tangle" Liz Waterhouse and Chris Lechner.


2016 - Selfie in Bern outside my office at the university.



2017 - The HOOD Corner at PACT Zollverein featuring among things an notebook of interview transcriptions (held right).



2017 - Presenting at PACT Zollverein - Photo by Janna Mila Lippitz



2017 - Moving with students at choreography workshop at the Venice Biennale



2017 - Discussing with students at Art Factory International. Photo by Francesco Pierantoni



2017 - Doing Ethnographic Fieldwork. Photo by Francesco Pierantoni



2016 - "On the Rocks" Choreography by Lucie Tuma



2008 - Dancing. Photo by Dominik Mentzos



2008 - Dancing. Photo by Dominik Mentzos




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